Story of a positive soul

Thomas Hendricks
3 min readNov 27, 2020


Everyone in this world is having good or bad life experiences, but there are very few who are ready to portray their experiences in front of the world. The soul about which I am going to discuss is Mr. Neal Studzinski. He has shown the courage to bring both the dark and bright sides of life in front of the world.

Don’t title the nature with “Cruel”

Many times life seems to be so cruel and at the same time, it will give you pleasure and comfort as well. Now it is your job to extract the positive vibes from these experiences. These positive vibes can bring a more positive change in your life. Every experience is having a positive aspect, even if you had got jailed once in your life. It is your responsibility to extract it positively.

Life is the best teacher, it is going to make you learn at every stage and step. If you are always getting exhausted with the toughness and rigidness of life, then it is actually going to give you ultimate loss. If you have got fed up with the toughness of life then you need to become more target-oriented. Is it sounds weird? Let me clear it, getting fed up with life events and tragedies is our own choice, it is not any gift from nature. It is you who is always trying to extract the negative vibes and keep thinking deeply only about those negative ones rather than focusing on many of those which are positive and can bring a revolutionary change in your life.

By reading his biography you are actually going to witness life as close as you see yourself in the mirror every day. It would be best if you evaluated yourself as Neal did in his book and also getting the world aware of all of the losses and achievements he banked throughout his life.

Celebrate your achievements

You are a successful person, you are free to breathe, eat, walk in the park, play with your children, spending time with your life partner, watching movies in the weekends. Man, honestly speaking you need to celebrate all those moments. It doesn't matter what size of celebration level you choose, but you are required to celebrate your achievements in order to achieve the ultimate satisfaction and to believe that you are a successful person.

Now if you keep practicing this, then you would definitely not think extra to compare yourself with any other of your mate who has earned more money, a bigger house, and a luxurious car. All of these luxuries are worthless, I consider these things worthless because still, you can buy these things in exchanging money. But happiness can’t be bought, it is priceless.

Learn from the less pleasant experiences [ I won’t call them as bad :) ]

This is the art which you really need to learn as quick as you can, because it is going to make you the most successful person in this huge planet, believe me. Every aspect of life is here to make you learn and letting you move towards the perfection. Nothing can make you perfect, but still striving to become perfect can uplift your ranking among the better persons. And believe me the real success is achieving the inner of your soul, in feeling the purity hiding somewhere inside you.

Hate/Smile will bring you near to the ideal destination you could ever imagine to achieve in your life, that is the ultimate satisfaction of your soul and heart. You are actually going to hear the voice of your soul, and it is going to tell you about the level of its own purity.



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